About Forever Manchester

Forever Manchester is a charity that funds and supports community activity across Greater Manchester. Since 1989 Forever Manchester have delivered over £36 million into local communities benefiting 1.1million people

We strengthen communities and enrich local life by inspiring local people to do extraordinary things together.

In every neighbourhood across Greater Manchester thousands of people are actively involved in community activities or projects. There are over 20,000 community projects of varying sizes and interest that help support and positively interact with many of the 2.6 million population of Greater Manchester.

Individuals benefit greatly from being involved in community activity. It helps to improve mental and physical well-being, reduces social isolation, develops confidence to try something new and raises aspirations and employability as well as providing an opportunity to meet others,

Often run on a voluntary basis, these projects require financial and non-financial support to help them deliver activities for the benefit of the wider community.

Thanks to the generous contributions from individuals and local businesses we have developed our own funding programmes to complement the national and regional funding programmes that we have the responsibility to manage and deliver.

We’ve stripped away the bureaucracy normally associated with funding applications; we’ve changed our application forms, we ask different questions, and we’ve developed tools to ensure local people can realise their unlimited potential.

We talk to residents and community groups about their ideas and interests, and connect them with others of similar mind to bring those ideas to life to benefit others in the community.

We invest in modern day philanthropists, local people giving up their time and energy and using their skills, talents and assets to make our communities better places to live, work and love. Whether it’s neo-natal knitters in Northenden , the lads on the allotment in Levenshulme or the cycling senior citizens from Chadderton –  they are our home-made heroes.

Our approach adopts a different way of thinking about how to work for change – starting from a place of possibilities, strengths and capacities, as opposed to problems and deficiencies. A strength based approach helps residents and organisations to manage change by mobilising their existing and potential capabilities, resources and assets.….. This is Charity the Mancunian Way.

By supporting Forever Manchester you help us fund and support more community projects across Greater Manchester.