Forever Manchester is delighted to announce that ZenOffice, who has supported Forever Manchester for the last three years, is enhancing its partnership by being the brand new sponsor of Captain Manchester.

Captain Manchester came into being back in 2013 when Forever Manchester worked with a creative agency to develop ideas around a Manchester superhero – someone who would do good deeds for the good people of Greater Manchester – and represent Forever Manchester and its aims to remind people that there is kindness out there, and it lies in our communities.

We like to think Captain Manchester embodies everything that’s great about Manchester and Forever Manchester. He represents people who have that “Manc” attitude; passion about local matters, about the city as a whole and about making a difference – being kind and doing things “our way”.

Nick Massey, Chief Executive of Forever Manchester, said: “Captain Manchester is an important part of Forever Manchester. He represents what we’re about as a charity and we’re delighted to work with ZenOffice to support key messages that everyone can be kind and make a difference in their local communities. In essence, everyone can be a philanthropist.”

Bruce Davie, Managing Director of ZenOffice, said: “Having supported Forever Manchester for the last three years as a business supporter, ZenOffice wanted to get more involved and make a bigger commitment to supporting local communities. We believe there is a synergy between our brands and a commitment to working across Greater Manchester. We also believe that Captain Manchester captures the spirit of Greater Manchester. He’s a local hero who represents people who have that great attitude, who care about what goes on around them and want to make a difference and these values reflect those of ZenOffice.”


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