Read Chief Executive Nick Massey’s column from our February fanzine…

“Coming back into the office after two really enjoyable weeks off I didn’t feel quite my usual Tigger-like self at all, in fact I felt a little lethargic and apathetic. Perhaps it was being bombarded with an astonishing number of motivational tweets each one slightly more patronising than the last, perhaps it was the fact that I’d hardly used social media over the holidays and that switching on my computer made me realise that this has become our default means of communication or perhaps it was just the fluorescent lighting.

“My deep funk however was short lived as one by one the fabulous Forever Manchester team turned up in the office, each with their own unique and usually borderline insane holiday story; tales of ordinary people and their unique extraordinary lives. Their presence kick started 2015 for me and allowed me to reflect on just how lucky we are working at Forever Manchester. Lucky because every day we get to hear amazing stories of passion, determination, joy, friendship and success from local people living in neighbourhoods across Greater Manchester, all working to improve the lives of their friends, family and neighbours and it’s a privilege to be able to know them and to be able to support them.

“It’s in our DNA these days not to label people as disadvantaged or by their needs, problems and deficiencies, our communities boast an unlimited number of talented individuals, using what they have to secure what they need. These riches are frequently overlooked and undervalued and are the critical ingredients needed to build stronger, self-directing, thriving communities and eradicate social injustice. Something we can all get involved in whether you think of your community as where you live, where you work or where you play.  Take a look at the people around you and remember everyone has something amazing to offer so give them a chance.

“I’m proud to say that Forever Manchester has recently committed to paying all of our employees, and suppliers, a minimum hourly wage of £7.85 and we have been accredited by the Living Wage Foundation to hold ourselves accountable. We’re one of only 1,100 organisations in the whole of the UK to do this and it reflects our ethos to make sure that our talented people are rewarded for a hard day’s work with a fair day’s pay

“To paraphrase C.S. Lewis ‘No one we meet in our lives is ordinary, we’re all unique, we all have a purpose and we’re all extraordinary’