Ric Brooks is Operations Director at TunaFish Media who are longstanding supporters of Forever Manchester.

Tunafish is a longstanding supporter of ours and has recently committed to donating 1% of its profits to Forever Manchester each year (see page 5). Tunafish is also currently working on an exciting project with us. Watch this space…

What is your job title and where do you work?

Operations Director, Tunafish Media

What do you love about Forever Manchester?

How friendly and inviting they are

What makes Manchester unique to you?

The sheer options of things to do

Now onto the serious questions.

Ric, would you rather…

Fight a shark on land or a tiger in water?

Shark on land, Tigers are good swimmers I think, better than me anyway

Smell like Boddingtons, or cry Vimto tears?

Cry Vimto tears…I never cry

Have legs as long as your fingers, or fingers as long as your legs?

Fingers as long as my legs.

Have to run up the stairs of Beetham Tower twice a day for a year or down a pint of the ship canal once?

Run up the stairs of Beetham Tower twice a day for a year

Have to swim everywhere or listen to Nickelback for 12 hours a day for the rest of your life?

Swim everywhere

Have a Scouse accent for a day or wear a City shirt for a week?

Have a scouse accent for a day

Walk everywhere like Liam Gallagher or dance everywhere like Bez?

Dance everywhere like Bez

Win the lottery or live twice as long?

Win the lottery

Lick the floor in Piccadilly Wetherspoons or eat a Piccadilly pigeon?

Eat a Piccadilly pigeon, definitely.