We played would you rather with our Poet in Residence, Tony Walsh…

The ‘Would You Rather’ game is often played over a pint. It gives you two scenarios, and you have to choose one, hence ‘would you rather’.


What is your job title?

I’m a poet and proud to be Forever Manchester’s Poet in Residence. (Not PET in Residence as that Jean Mills typed recently!)

What do you love about Forever Manchester?

I love how you take people’s passion for our amazing city, our neighbourhoods and our people, and join it all up. They bring people together, each giving from their talents and their means, to make amazing and important things happen. You throw a good knees-up too and you get a good brew when you visit the office!

What makes Manchester unique to you? 

For a relatively small city, where else can claim to have made a bigger contribution to the worlds of science, engineering, industry, commerce, medicine, social justice, the arts and sport. The list
goes on and the appetite for more continues.

Now onto the serious questions. Tony, would you rather…

Fight a shark on land or a tiger in water?

Fight a shark on land, for sure. It’d run out of breath even quicker than I would.

Smell like Boddingtons, or cry Vimto tears?

Cry Vimto tears! I love Vimto and so I’d be skriking as much as possible!

Have legs as long as your fingers, or fingers as long as your legs? 

Have you seen my legs? I’m six foot six! So maybe I’d try legs as long as my fingers for a while and see what the world looks like from down there.

Have to run up the stairs of Beetham Tower twice a day for a year or down a pint of the ship canal once?

The ship canal I think, but I’d boil it up, make it into gravy and have it on me chips.

Have to swim everywhere or listen to Nickelback for 12 hours a day for the rest of your life?

Where’s my trunks!?

Have a Scouse accent for a day or wear a City shirt for a week?

I’d have the Scouse accent then I’d go and sing United songs outside City. Work that one out!

Walk everywhere like Liam Gallagher or dance everywhere like Bez?

Freaky dancing. Hallelujah!

Win the lottery or live twice as long? 

If I was in good health, live twice as long. I still couldn’t win the lottery!

Lick the floor in Piccadilly Wetherspoons or eat a Piccadilly pigeon?

I’d attract the pigeon with the last bit of my Holland’s pie then take it for a pint in Wetherspoons.