Kathleen O’Connor works in the Professional Services Sector providing Marketing & Business Development assistance through her own business KO Consulting.

The ‘Would You Rather’ game is often played over a pint. It gives you two scenarios, and you have to choose one, hence ‘would you rather’. We’re putting the same scenarios to one of our Ambassadors each month.

This month it’s Kathleen’s turn, organiser of Chop Beats taking place on 20th June. Click the link to sign up to the FREE all-day event with local live bands, good grub and even better beer at First Chow Brewing Arm in Salford.

So, Kathleen, would you rather…

Fight a shark on land or a tiger in water?
Can tigers swim? If so I’ll go with shark fighting on land and run!

Smell like Boddingtons, or cry Vimto tears?
Crying Vimto tears would be quite a good party trick, whereas smelling like Boddingtons might just seem like bad hygiene. Crying Vimto.

Have legs as long as your fingers, or fingers as long as your legs?
I’d just like really long legs please – can I have that option?

Have to run up the stairs of Beetham Tower twice a day for a year or down a pint of the ship canal once?
Down a pint of the ship canal – I’m far too busy for all those stairs!

Have to swim everywhere or listen to Nickelback for 12 hours a day for the rest of your life?
I love swimming so definitely that option.

Have a Scouse accent for a day or wear a City shirt for a week?
Well I went to University in Liverpool and my husband might divorce me if he saw me in a City shirt so I’ll go with a Scouse accent.

Walk everywhere like Liam Gallagher or dance everywhere like Bez?
Dance everywhere like Bez. I’ll out-Bez Bez!

Win the lottery or live twice as long?

Lick the floor in Piccadilly Wetherspoons or eat a Piccadilly pigeon?
Er, you guys are weird and a bit disgusting…