Forever Manchester Women is an event that has been set up to give the women in Greater Manchester a place to come and feel supported and inspired. We kicked off our first one on Wednesday 22nd April 2015 at the gorgeous Great John Street Hotel. The event was kindly sponsored by Ward Hadaway.

We had lots of local women from all walks of life come together to chat and connect. Not only that but we also had a wonderful speech from Ameena Ahmed.

Ameena Ahmed is an Associate Business Adviser with The Women’s Organisation, who has been commissioned to assist the growth of female led businesses in Greater Manchester.

Ameena is a consultant, coach and trainer, with 10 years’ experience working in the charitable sector and nearly a decade working as a leader in both services and partnerships in Local Government.

Ameena’s approach to working focuses on connecting and communicating using a holistic approach to working – using in particular the soft skills that women have to make change happen. Essentially reminding the women in the room that they are capable of helping to change history.

 A tweet from Louise Marshall, Infrastructure and Shared Services Director at Brother UK

Following Ameena’s inspirational talk, Jean Mills, Head of Business Development at Forever Manchester spoke about some of the amazing female led community groups that Forever Manchester has recently supported. One of the groups highlighted was Gorgeous Gorse Hill, a group of four women who looked around their neighbourhood and decided to make a change. Small changes like planting flowers and painting bollards, making a busy neighbourhood a nicer place. They really make a difference to the community and get people talking and involved in continuing to improve their area.

Jean also talked about recently funded group the Young Women’s Health Project. This is a project run by and for lesbian and bisexual women who have been rejected by their families or their faith and need a safe place, where they can meet other women and find support. Focusing on improving six areas of wellness including physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual and occupational.

Overall we are pleased to say that Forever Manchester Women was a huge success and generated £1,135, which will go to helping more community projects throughout Greater Manchester.

Keep an eye out for future Forever Manchester Women events.

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