With the Women’s World Cup starting on Saturday 6th June we’re looking at women’s football clubs we’ve funded.

1st-8th June is also National Women’s Sports Week, which we have celebrated on our website this week with other stories.

Women’s football is more popular than ever thanks to big clubs like Manchester City investing heavily in their female squads. The Women’s World Cup is also a big focus for BBC Sport and other news outlets.

Forever Manchester funds and supports a variety of women’s sports clubs, including football. One of these is Greater Manchester Girls Football Club based in Tameside.

Greater Manchester Girls Football Club provides football for girls age 8-16 and aims to provide a player development program that allows all players to achieve their potential.

To achieve this they organise and deliver a comprehensive competition program, develop and maintain a high quality coaching work force and develop an efficient admin and welfare support system.

Keeping young girls active is important, and to keep them engaged, Greater Manchester Girls Football Club received funding from Forever Manchester to pay for the fees that come with starting training earlier. Beginning training earlier allows the girls’ parents to get involved by doing a 45 minute circuit with their daughters and watch their daughters train afterwards, attracting a higher interest from the parents.

The club said: “We would like to get the girls aged 14-16 physically more active. Its is a well-known fact that fitness levels and the health of girls deteriorate after the age of 16. In order to address this issue it is recognised that prevention is better than cure and that an active parent increases the probability of an active daughter. Therefore as a club we would like to start training earlier so parents who drop their child off can stay and do a 45 minute circuit station with their daughter.”

Funding from Forever Manchester enabled the group to increase family involvement in sport, and increase participation in young women’s football (14-16yrs).

The fitness sessions were a massive success with an average of 18 participants each week and a total of 28 different participants over the 10 week period. All teenage girls brought a parent or sibling to the sessions. The sessions have encouraged more girls into sport, enhancing people’s health; improved social interaction between families and friends, and participants have developed new skills.

The club also gained an unexpected benefit from the project as parents who got involved with the circuit training got more interested in the club and now sit on the club’s committee.

Toby Wood, Tameside’s Sports Development Manager at the time of funding said: “Tameside’s current level of physical activity in adults is 17.5% (as recorded through the Active People survey) who are doing the recommended amount of 3×30 mins p/wk. This project will enable parents, who may not find time to exercise, the opportunity to exercise with their daughter’s and help contribute to increasing the number of physically active adults in Tameside.”

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