What better way to entice Manchester novices and newcomers to our beautiful city than with Manchester Day’s theme this year, “Wish You Were Here”?

Manchester Day’s aptly teasing “Manchester-on-Sea” 1930s-style postcards show traditional caricatures catching sun rays and slurping ice cream in front of some of Manchester’s most iconic spots.

Now in its fourth year, the Manchester Day Parade on Sunday 2nd June 2013 looks set to be as dazzling and carnivalesque as ever, with over 2,400 paraders from 90 community groups across Manchester weaving through the streets of the city.

Here at FM, we’re proud to have supported 17 of the groups involved, including Whitemoss Club for Young People, Global Grooves and the Lesbian and Gay Foundation, who will be using costume, music, art and dance to show what Manchester means to them.

We can’t wait to celebrate in style!