Manchester: there’s a secret; to this… amazing place
They beam a stream of dreams, it seems, from deep in outer space
And when they meet our atmosphere they turn to silver sparks
As The Spirit of Greater Manchester that sets this place apart

This is the opening verse to our latest poem created for us by Tony Walsh (a.k.a. Longfella) to commemorate our 25th anniversary of supporting communities across Greater Manchester.

Tony is known for his fantastic play on words, especially those about Manchester, and believe me it wasn’t an easy task to create something new, that summed us up without him going over old ground. But he managed to do it. He hit on a word – ‘spark’ – which we all have in us. We all have new ideas for making things better and the beauty of the Manchester way is that you don’t need to ask permission, you just need to do it.

We’re also starting to see more and more local businesses recognising the value of our local community projects, recognising that more often than not these communities are where their employees and customers live, where future employees might come from and where their brands can thrive and prosper.

For our own part, we never stand still; we are constantly trying to create new ways of sparking ideas, and evolving. Check out our innovative Cash4Graft programme and I hope you’ll see why we do what we do and who knows we might help ignite your own silver spark.