As you’ll know a caped crusader has been running around the city helping people out and encouraging others to do the same.

On Wednesday night Captain Manchester launched his first limited edition comic at 2022NQ. He would like to thank everyone who came down. So much attention was tough for an ordinary bloke but he still managed to sell over £600 worth of comics!

Stockport based James Munro entertained the crowd with a vibrant acoustic set and Manchester’s Modern Alarms got everyone going with an eclectic and energetic performance.

The Captain himself gave guests a heroic welcome at the door (in the form of a personal greeting and photo) and later sparked smiles across the room with his heartfelt speech.

We’re all Captain Manchester and we can all do our bit, but if you don’t have the time to don mask and leggings you can help make people’s lives a little brighter in Greater Manchester by buying Captain Manchester’s first limited edition comic (or sign up for a subscription of the first 3 issues). 100% of the proceeds go back into improving our local communities. It’s funny and unique and could feature any one of you in the next issue!


Captain Manchester isn’t throwing the towel in yet so keep your eyes peeled for sightings of him and more friendly antics around town.


Big thanks and much love to the men behind the Captain, Tunafish Media.