1st-7th June is Volunteers Week. As a charity, Forever Manchester understands the importance of Volunteers, and without them, we would struggle to continue.

The Oxford Dictionary defines a Volunteer as ‘A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task’. At Forever Manchester we think this is a bit feeble! We believe that everyone has skills, talents and assets that can be combined and utilised to create a formidable and effective resource and nowhere is this more evident than in our local neighbourhoods.When local people get together and give up their time to use these resources to make a difference to the lives of friends, family members and neighbours mountains get moved!

Volunteers are a precious commodity so we’re proper chuffed that the work of Volunteers everywhere is being celebrated during Volunteers’ Week; an annual celebration of the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK – and it’s taking place from the 1-7 June 2015. To Volunteers everywhere…thank you, we salute you!

The Communities Team have the honour of being the direct link between Forever Manchester and the Communities we support. Every day they hear great stories about the work done by volunteers across Greater Manchester and the positive impact they have on their communities, and by using their stories and enthusiasm we hope to raise more money so we can continue to support these people and even more for a long time to come.

We’re proud to know and support these seemingly tireless people and look forward to meeting more like them in the future.

This week we have announced the exciting news that we have a new volunteer on board to help and support our work in the form of Steven Lindsay, who is our new Vice President and has some exciting ideas for his future work with our President, Phil Jones.

If you’d like to volunteer with us, or hear about what opportunities we have available for you, email volunteer@forevermanchester.com