We Mancunians love a party. It’s our thing and we’re really, really good at it! Any good party needs a skilled host, someone who knows their guests and puts the whole party first.

A good host will work the room getting to know everyone at the party and introducing possible strangers to each other based on shared interests; “You’re interested in the rainforest? Oh you should meet John, he spent a year in Bolivia hand feeding orphaned pygmy marmosets. John come and meet Tony he’s a Rainforest fan.”

The host can introduce people who can help each other out and build new friendships; “You’re looking to redecorate? Sheila’s a great decorator! Sheila come meet Steve he needs some help with a feature wall.” A good host will start these conversations and step back, allowing them to naturally progress.

Most importantly an amazing host puts their guests and the party first and they’re an expert in spotting a great idea that will add even more to a vibrant party “Limbo Competition?! Great idea, let me just go into the shed and get some bamboo canes…Terry you make some cocktails!”

Manchester’s communities are full of great hosts. Day in, day out they are out in communities meeting, getting to know and bringing people together all over the neighbourhood. They bring people together to take part in activities, plan fun days and sort out local problems together.

At Forever Manchester we aim to support these people in whatever way we can, either through helping to make connections on the ground with our Community Builders or through funding those great ideas that bring people together.

Are you a great host in your local community or do you want to use your passion for hosting locally? If this is you, get in touch with our Communities Team on 0161 214 0940.