As the birthday bash approaches we’re starting to get just a little bit giddy, okay a lot giddy!

Apart from the fact that we love any excuse to have a party one of the big reasons we’re so excited is because it’ll be the first time we’ll get to have all of our Community Ambassadors together in the
same room.

We’ve been working with the Ambassadors since July 2015 on a pilot project that we will be rolling out across the region this year.

The first 10 Community Ambassadors were hand selected to work with us to shape the future of the project and all of them represent the very best bits of the communities we work with by being kind, honest, reliable and above all able to see the massive potential to make a difference all around them. Most importantly they are people we have a good relationship with who will be honest with us about what works and what doesn’t in communities and share their ideas.

The Ambassadors are our direct link with the communities we want to support and give us a way of finding out more about them and the people that live there, as well as giving us direct links to connect with and support even more groups and people.

Since July the Ambassadors have introduced us to new groups, represented us at community events, helped organise and promote workshops in Stretford and Moston and supplied us with numerous stories about the great work happening in our communities.

They have also been working on ideas to help us fundraise, Tommy McDonagh was the first to secure us £800 through a boxing event he and boxing club (Collyhurst & Moston ABC) did.

The Birthday Bash will be great for the guys to get to know each other and share their stories and experiences from working in their communities and it will be a great chance for me to thank them for the work they have already done and will do in the future.

If you’re heading to our Birthday Bash be sure to look out for the Community Ambassador Table and say hi to these great characters who are working tirelessly every day in the communities of Greater Manchester.