Forever Manchester’s Vice Chair, Sandy Lindsay has raised over £1,000 for Forever Manchester in an inventive way.

In the run up to her 50th birthday (we know, she doesn’t look a day over 21), Sandy realised she had everything she needed, and asked friends to make a donation to us instead of giving her a gift.

This process to date has raised £1,050.49 with Sandy’s generous friends donating the amount they would usually spend on a gift to Forever Manchester via JustGiving. On her Justgiving page, Sandy wrote: “I know it’s hard to believe (YES IT IS!) but I’m about to reach the ripe old age of 50 and you’re coming to my party (or else!) and I really (really) don’t need/want any presents – though I know yours would be lovely – but I would really appreciate ANY amount you’d be willing to, instead, donate to those lovely people who are supported in their excellent work in the communities around Greater Manchester by Forever Manchester. Thank you so much! You’re the best!”

Sandy raising over £1,000 got us thinking – what do you get the person who has it all? The average donation to Sandy was approximately £50, a gift for this amount may have been jewellery, or some extravagant flowers, but Forever Manchester can now put this money to great use. We will be able to make a real difference to the lives of local people and help out community projects and groups for them to continue to flourish.

Yesterday, our team was out at a lovely group, based in Salford called Clifton Monday Club. Upon talking to attendees, one, who was 93 years young said: “Thanks to your funding, this group costs me just £1.50, because of this I can afford to come every week. Forever Manchester’s funding means I have friends, I socialise and I’m not lonely” 

Monies raised by Sandy and her friends will help people exactly like this lady our team spoke with yesterday. Instead of getting the usual 50th birthday gifts of a glass or a frame or anything else people usually buy those marking a milestone birthday, guests at Sandy’s birthday can be safe in the knowledge that their donations are helping us to support local people all over Greater Manchester who are doing extraordinary things every day.

So if you’re that person who has everything and have a big birthday coming up why not follow in Sandy’s footsteps and set up a JustGiving page for your friends and family to donate at?

All the money raised by Sandy will stay in the Greater Manchester area to help local people doing extraordinary things together, and you could do the same!

Many thanks goes to Sandy for such a kind gesture to celebrate her birthday, and Forever Manchester wishes her many happy returns!