Holy Smoke and Kappow good people of Greater Manchester; Forever Manchester Towers has been a cauldron of activity this October, there’s hardly been time to draw breath.

First we had a lot of fun with the launch of the Captain Manchester comic, preceded by lots of sightings of the great man himself around the city centre picking up litter, helping students move furniture, feeding the homeless, and generally being nice and doing good.

Then we had the launch of Caketober with over 40 businesses and hundreds of individuals across Greater Manchester baking cakes, dressing up, raising money, and generally being nice and doing good.

There was June Kelly [pictured] who runs local junior football club Abraham Moss Warriors, picking up her Pride of Britain Award, breaking down racial barriers, running literacy and numeracy programmes and a gym for parents to keep fit in, and generally being nice and doing good.

Then we picked up the National Big Society Award at the prestigious Charity Times Awards for our work connecting communities, and generally being nice and doing good.

And just last week we produced our Annual Impact Report which is full of amazing stories of unsung heroes from across Greater Manchester. Ordinary people with superhuman powers like creativity, passion, the capacity to care enough to act and yes, you guessed it, people generally being nice and doing good.

Greater Manchester has the most vibrant and entrepreneurial non-profit sector in the UK – rather than copy what’s been done before we steam forward and create our own new ways of generating social capital.

The men and women who work tirelessly in this landscape have a lot in common. Most of them never intended for their work to be recognised but have sacrificed a lot to achieve extraordinary things. Like the superhero comics that we are all familiar with they have created their own success with bold lines and primary colours.

Forever Manchester has supported every single one of these unsung heroes but they all need funds and we missed quite a few. Hopefully, though, with your support – donating, fundraising and volunteering – we can continue to support the heroes that make our communities better. I can’t think of a better place to invest our funds and our hopes for the future.

Nick Massey