We know you’ve all been on tentahooks awaiting this month’s trivia answers…

Calm down, put down the Google, we’ve got you covered!

Each month on page 12 we like to test our supporter’s knowledge on all things Manchester. Here’s this month’s questions and answers…

1. In which area of Greater Manchester did Winston Churchill hold his first seat in 1900?

A: Oldham

2. Which famous Buryite founded the Metropolitan Police and the Conservative Party?

A: Sir Robert Peel

3. What is the highest point in Greater Manchester?

A: Black Chew Head

4. Tameside is the birth place of two World Cup winners, name them.

A: Sir Geoff Hurt and Simone Perrotta

5. Which library in Greater Manchester is the oldest public library in the English-speaking world?

A: Cheetham’s Library