On Thursday 5th February 2015 we are hosting an ‘Introduction to ABCD’ Training Course in Manchester.

This one day workshop outlines the basic principles and explores the methodology of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) and provides real examples of where Forever Manchester have been testing the theory and developing the practice at a neighbourhood level, through our community building team.

Asset Based Community Development  is at the centre of a large and growing movement that considers local assets as the primary building blocks of sustainable community development. The ABCD approach is a different way of thinking about how to work for change – starting from a place of possibilities, strengths and capacities, as opposed to problems and deficiencies. This approach helps residents and organisations to manage change by utilising their existing and potential capabilities, resources and assets.

This workshop will teach you the theory and practical tools required to implement Asset Based Community Development. You will be equipped to start a different conversation with residents and quickly see the neighbourhood through a new lens, focusing on the skills and strengths instead of focusing on needs and what is lacking.

Event Details

Thursday 5th February 2015, 10am – 4pm
Introduction to Asset Based Community Development
Manchester Conference Centre,
Sackville Street,
Manchester M1 3BB, UK

£90 (+VAT) per person with lunch and refreshments provided.

The Introduction to ABCD Workshop is kindly sponsored by Voicescape

You will learn

  • The history and background of ABCD
  • The basic principles of ABCD methodology
  • How to use strength based approaches to community building
  • How to discover new and hidden gifts and skills in a neighbourhood
  • How to asset map
  • How to hold learning conversations
  • How to Human Map

Who is this for

  • Individuals, practitioners and organisations
    • with an interest in making positive change in the neighbourhood
    • with an interest in Community development and engagement
    • involved in Neighbourhood activity
    • Local residents
  • Professionals from
    • Housing Associations
    • Local Authorities
    • Health Service
    • Schools/Education
    • Voluntary/Community Sector
  • No previous experience is required

If you are interested in the Asset Based Community Development approach and wish to attend the workshop please sign up below. Alternatively email the.nws@forevermanchester.com for more details.