Trafford Handball Club’s goal is to support the growth of the sport within the Greater Manchester Community and create opportunities for playing, coaching and volunteering in handball.

Established in 2018 by Stan Belinski, Trafford Handball Club attracts more than 2,000 young handball players in the Greater Manchester area from different background and nationalities.

The Club provides young people with the opportunity to increase the level of their physical activity and to interact and play with their peers in an active, supportive, and safe environment. They also create possibilities for individuals to be a part of something bigger, which can help them grow, and get better at facing future life obstacles. 

During the pandemic Stan set up online coaching sessions, where the kids would be out in the garden or in their lounges doing all the exercises. By keeping everyone engaged not only benefitted the players but also had a huge impact on Stan. “Without the community, without the support of people around me, I wouldn’t be standing with you now”.

Kally Shukla (parent) said “If more sporting clubs could be like this one, it would be absolutely amazing. My children have been involved in so many different sporting clubs in the past but nothing like this one.”

Stan has high hopes for Trafford Handball Club. Their passion is all about handball development and are aiming to provide high quality coaching for their teams competing in the England Handball national leagues and international tournaments.

Watch the video below produced by Made By Sport following their successful grants programme in 2021 which Forever Manchester administered on their behalf supporting 67 clubs in Greater Manchester .

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Date added: 22nd December 2022