Our Captain Manchester will be running in this year’s Great Manchester 10k; Europe’s biggest 10k and has begun training with Personal Trainer, Andrew Gamble.

Andrew is from Salford and is also doing the Great Manchester Run to raise funds for community project across Greater Manchester. Here he’s given you some handy tips on how to get fit at home without needing a gym:

1. Stairs

a) Walk – Walk up all stairs and back down (as many times as you feel comfortable with) it might be once, that’s ok. Once you can repeat this 10 times, move on to the next step.

b) Jog – Jog up the stairs and walk back down (this is your resting time) again do as many as you are comfortable with and once you get to 10 well done keep up the good work and progress if you can.

2. Lunges

Stand and put your right leg out in front of you and bend at the knee (the leg that is left behind should also bend at the knee) push back to upright position through leading leg. Swap legs and repeat.

3. Triceps – Dips with Couch

Sit on the edge of your couch with one hand each side of your bum, stretch your legs out in front together and lift yourself up (so your bum is off the couch) then lower yourself slowly towards the floor (elbows bent at 90 degrees) and lift yourself back up so arms are straight again repeat as many times as is comfortable for you working up to at least 10 repetitions.

4. Curls

Stand with your hands by your side, tin of beans in each hand with palms facing forward, then bend your elbow and raise hands towards shoulders and back down, again do as many as you can and once you have reached 10 well done and try to increase the amount steadily. These can also be done while sat down with your back straight.

5. Leg Extensions

Sit comfortably upright on the couch and raise one leg at a time bending at the knee raising your foot towards the ceiling (hold for a few seconds if you can) and then slowly lower your leg. Do this as many times as you can till you get to 10 reps and well done keep on moving

6. Press-Ups

Lie face down on the floor, feet together and palms down shoulder width apart and push yourself up straightening arms and locking elbows and then back down (try and do this as many times as possible again getting up to 10 reps and more if possible. If you cannot do it this way and you are struggling try doing it from the knees.

7. Mountain Climbs

Lie face down on the floor raise your upper body of the ground (as you would with press ups) and 1 leg at a time bring your knee up and across your body towards the opposite elbow and then back down then repeat with the other leg, again do as many as you can up to 10 reps.

8. Sit-Ups

Lie on your back for this one, hands clasped under your head, bring your feet up towards your bottom (keep feet flat on the floor) so knees are bent and then raise your head towards your knees again repeat this as many times as you can until you reach 10 reps. (If this is difficult get a friend to hold your feet in place)

9. Shoulder Press

Stand with a tins of beans in each hand, raise to shoulder height palms facing out, then raise towards the ceiling and bring hands together above your head then lower to 90 degrees so elbows are on level with your shoulders and repeat (this can be done without the beans and also while you are sat down, make sure you’re sat comfortably and your back is straight)

10. Lateral Shoulder Raise

Stand with straight back and with a tin of beans in hand at your sides, raise arms out making a crucifix and pause for a second then lower and repeat getting up to 10 reps

Remember exercise to a level that is comfortable for you, don’t overdo it take it slow, work at your own pace and you will get there.

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