At our Birthday Bash on Friday 5th February at the Palace Hotel, Sedgemoor Secret Flower and Bird Garden deservedly picked up the gong for the This is the Place Award.

Geoff and Brian represented the group on the evening. Eight residents took part in the creation of the garden which has become an incredible space for local residents to sit in, walk through and visit.

The pair were extremely thankful of the award saying: “We never expected to win at all. We never get to come to things like this and it was just a pleasure to be invited. Thank you very much” in their acceptance speech.

The award was presented by April Armstrong, Kellogg’s UK’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager who said: “We reviewed the nominations for the award and this group really stood out to us. It’s great to see that these residents came together to change and improve their local area.”

The Sedgemoor Secret Garden group was set up through our Community Building work in the BGreen area, when our Community Builder Lisa Brown saw two neighbours, Geoff and Brian feeding birds in the communal garden.

Lisa noticed the different types of birds that appeared to be in the communal space and got talking to the pair, who were keen birdwatchers. Lisa explained to them about Cash4Graft and how by working together and encouraging their other neighbours to get involved, they could apply for a Cash4Graft to turn this communal land into something really special.

They went ahead with the application and the Sedgemoor Secret Flower and Bird Garden became a reality.

Over the next couple of months, the neighbours really got stuck in. Raised planters were built for the neighbours that couldn’t bend down. A special wild flower section was planted especially for the bees, a seating area was made (and of course the birds were looked after). Even the squirrels were taken care of with a special platform!

A local agriculturalist visited the gardens and said he was surprised to see so many varying pairs of birds in one small area, especially the Jay Birds.

This isn’t the only award the group has won, the Sedgemoor Secret Flower and Bird Garden won 1st place for Best Communal Garden in the First Choice Homes Garden Competition. The son of a resident involved in the project also won Best Young Gardener at the ceremony.

If you haven’t yet seen it, take a look at the highlights of our Birthday Bash in the video below: