Cindy Liu’s Boxing Challenge is taking place at Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Stretford on Friday 10th June. Cindy has chosen to use this challenge to raise money for Forever Manchester as part of Forever Manchester Week.

Cindy’s challenge will see her training for eight weeks to compete in a White Collar Fighter boxing match.

The match will see an all-female line up – the boxers will spend the first four weeks training together, after which they will be split into opponents that are the closest match in size, weight, attitude and ability. For the final weeks they will all train separately before the big DING DING! FIGHT NIGHT!

Hear Cindy talk recently on our Forever Manchester Radio Show here:

Cindy said: “There are so many people, so many causes, community projects and smaller charities I want to help. Forever Manchester does just that; they help the old, the youths who need a second a chance, our veterans, the ones who want to bring us all together. As they say, charity starts at home!

“Please donate whatever you can – even the shrapnel that you find at the back of your sofa – 50p, £1 – as a collective we will help so many people!”

Cindy’s consistently smashed each fundraising target she’s set herself so, with a new goal to raise an incredible £1000 for Forever Manchester, you can sponsor Cindy using this JustGiving link.