The Churchills Garden Project started after Forever Manchester’s Community Builder, Lisa Brown, met Eamon Boulton and discussed with him things he’d like to see in his community.

Eamon had a love of gardening and a wealth of knowledge to share, and wanted to install some planters that could be used by the whole community. He has helped get lots of young people involved in planting and growing of a variety of flowers and veg that can be enjoyed by all, showing them how to grow the plants from seed, organise litter picking and taking them on trips to the garden centre. He’s also given advice to other neighbours with their gardens and turned his hand to a number of other community initiatives to help make his community a more connected, brighter place to live.

In 2016 The Churchills Garden Project won the Best Community Garden Prize at the Grow Together Awards in Oldham.

Lisa said: “Eamon is not a man of many words and likes to crack on with what needs doing. His smile speaks volumes though, and you can clearly see he has a passion for his community and environment.

We got a rare quote from the man himself who said: “Just the enjoyment of doing it is enough for me. Forever Manchester helped me get everything I needed and I was able to grow most of it from seed.