The Autumn Group, based in Oldham provides support for families caring for children and adults with Autism living in Greater Manchester.

The group provides support sessions along with social activities for those with Autism and those caring for their loved ones. Activities vary from Autism awareness to pamper sessions and bowling nights.

One very talented member of The Autumn Group is Bethaney, who despite having Autism, learning difficulties and mental health issues has just developed her own bespoke jewellery range.

Bethaney learnt how to make jewellery at sessions with The Autumn Group, and found it to be something she really enjoyed, so began doing it at home too. People liked her jewellery so much that she thought it would be a good way to raise money for the group that has helped her so much.

The money raised will now help to fund other sessions where members can learn different skills and maybe even ignite a passion in someone else too!

Bethaney’s mum Sue, who is a founder of The Autumn group said: “As Bethaney’s mum, I have watched her for 18 years struggle through so many barriers in life, that not only am I proud that Bethaney has continued to tackle these barriers head on to become the brilliant young lady she is now but I am beyond proud that she is using her fantastic creativity to make unique jewellery
to raise funds for our group. Bethaney is a great example of how, if children and adults affected by Autism are supported the way they need, they can achieve! I hope Bethaneys story can inspire others to break through their own barriers in life.”

Karen Kirby, a beneficiary of the group said: “The group is a lifeline for so many families because they are part of a very important community and are able to make new friends who share such similar lives… It has helped me a lot at a difficult time in my life. A massive thank you.”

Thanks to your support, Forever Manchester is able to support groups changing people’s lives, just like The Autumn Group.