The Oldham Evening Chronicle has highlighted the great work that we do in Oldham through our Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach. Read the article below.

Oldham Evening Chronicle | Published on Friday 12th July 2013 | By Dawn Marsden
OLDHAMERS are doing it for themselves when it comes to improving their communities.

Charity Forever Manchester is rolling out its work across Oldham using an approach – asset based community development (ABCD) – that has already been successful piloted in Alt and St James over the last 18 months.

The extension of the project has been made possible by the backing of First Choice Homes Oldham (FCHO), which is funding a series of workshops through its New Innovations Fund.

At the workshops, which will take place across the borough, residents will be invited to share ideas about what they would like to see in their own neighbourhoods and to commit to getting involved in making things happen.

The sessions are also designed to discover hidden skills and assets already existing in the communities which can be harnessed to make improvements.

Community builder Helen Smith currently works with residents in Alt and St James.

She said: ‘’The first few sessions have been fantastic. We have uncovered a wealth of skills, and are really able to get people thinking about how they can contribute to what is happening outside their own front door, whether that be what they could do themselves to improve a piece of wasteland, or simply to encourage them to just start talking to their neighbours.

‘’Asset based community development is all about looking at what skills and ideas local people already have, and supporting them to make changes themselves.

‘’We’ve seen amazing things happen in St James and Alt using this approach, with residents transforming where they live, and now we are excited about seeing similar passion from people across Oldham.’’

At the workshops, people can apply for up to £250 to bring their ideas to reality using the charity’s Cash 4 Graft awards scheme which matches a financial award from the charity to volunteer hours put in by the local people.

The last session will run at the FCHO Community Hall, 1A Browbeck, Barker Street estate on Wednesday 24th July, 10am-3pm.

To book a place please contact Megan Ormerod on 0161 214 0940 or