This Saturday Forever Manchester’s Community Builders are hosting a Winter-Que in Victoria Park.

The event has been arranged by our Stretford Community Builders James and Alison alongside the residents they have been working with in Stretford for some time.

Ideas Works events are events that hope to bring together the wider community and invite them to put ideas forward to their fellow residents. Ideas which they think will benefit the community as a whole.

This Winter-Que is a progression of the Ideas Works ideology and it will offer residents the opportunity to meet their neighbours, enjoy food and discover the skills, gifts and talents that each other have,

Attendees will also be able to come up with new ideas and apply for our Cash4Graft awards.

If you have an idea, want to apply for a Cash4Graft award or live in Stretford and want to connect with your neighbours the FREE Winter-Que is taking place in Victoria Park in Stretford 5-7pm on Saturday 8th November.