Forever Manchester’s ‘Smiles for Miles’ campaign has now reached Australia.

‘Smiles for Miles’ originated off the back of the ‘Smiles per hour’ methodology, which was introduced following community feedback. Residents in the City of Port Philip in Australia wanted a friendlier neighbourhood, but didn’t know where to start. Residents had admitted that they avoided eye contact and smiling at others in their streets.

‘Smiles per hour’ then gathered volunteers to smile at residents and cheer up the neighbourhood, which has now been adapted without the need for volunteers.

Forever Manchester’s twist on this was to get people who don’t usually like to have photographs taken of them and give them a large smiling mouth to place in front of their faces for a photo. Without realising, people were actually smiling behind the mouth, creating some great photos.

Recently, our Smiles for Miles campaign has returned to Australia, where the original methodology began, and seems to be spreading even more through the use of Facebook and Twitter.

If you’d like to join in, tweet a photo to @4EVERMcr_TheNWS using the hashtag #Smiles4MilesGlobal with a large smiling mouth and we’ll RT the best.