At Forever Manchester, we believe in the incredible power of grassroots community organizations. We go beyond just providing resources – we celebrate the vital role they play in strengthening our communities across Greater Manchester.

These groups, though often small, have a HUGE impact. Last year alone, we proudly supported over 1,000 of them!

We love hearing their stories and the unique ways they bring joy and support to those around them. Take, for example, a local Men’s Mental Health group in Stockport. Undeterred by their lack of artistic experience – their passion for an art therapy project shone through! Thanks to our support, they decided to purchase “painting by numbers” kits and although we don’t think they discovered the next Lucian Freud we do know that this project was a massive success and is a fantastic example of how a small amount of money can bring people together and spark happiness.

The requests we receive are as varied as the communities we serve. From basic necessities like nappies and baby supplies for young mothers to practical items like electric blankets for those struggling with fuel poverty, we’re here to help.

Businesses looking to give back often face the challenge of making the right informed choice. Forever Manchester provides a clear solution, making sure that donations from local businesses reach the local community projects that are making a real difference, making it easy to support positive change.

Want to be part of something special? Get in touch with and let’s talk.