After the success of last year’s skydive, Ambassador Claire Leaman is planning the second annual FM dive this summer.

The dive will be taking place at Black Knights Parachute Centre in Lancaster once more.

The skydive gives you the opportunity to free fall from 11,000 feet, or you can upgrade to 15,000 feet; the highest parachute jump in the UK.

In both skydives you will reach speeds of approximately 120mph. The dive will be done in tandem (as pictured) and you will be strapped to a qualified instructor.

Breakdown of the day:

  • Before your jump you will begin with a 20 minute pre-jump briefing by an experience British Parachute Association Instructor
  • You will then be provided with a skydiver’s jumpsuit to go over your clothes (comfortable clothing and a pair of trainers should be worn on the day)
  • You will then be strapped into your harness and be given the appropriate headgear and goggles
  • A 14 minute journey in the aircraft is required to reach the altitude
  • After exiting the aircraft, you will freefall 120mph until you reach 5,000 feet, when your instructor will then release your parachute
  • The decent under the parachute will take several minutes, where you will be able to enjoy the sights of Morcambe Bay and the North West countryside

You will also be given an option to pay extra to have your skydive videoed and have photographs taken while in the air (as pictured).

A £50 non-refundable deposit is required when contacting Black Knights Parachue Centre.

Please note: it is likely you will have to allow the whole day to jump, as British summer has a tendency to be cloudy and rainy, which needs to be cleared before you jump.


Date: Saturday 4th July 2015

Time: 10am but allow the whole day

Arrive at the time indicated on your confirmation email but please be prepared to ALLOW THE WHOLE DAY, as Skydiving can only take place when the weather conditions are suitable. Spectators are more than welcome but we ask everyone to be patient.

Food and drink facilities are available at Black Knights Dropzone Cafe

Dogs, drugs or alcohol are NOT permitted on the airfield.

Where: Black Knights Parachute Centre, Hillam Lane, Lancaster, LA2 0DY

Click here for map

It will be your responsibility to arrange your own transport to and from Black Knights Parachute Centre.

Entry Fee: £50.00 deposit per person

Deposit’s cannot be refunded if you decide not to go ahead with the Skydive, although we can transfer your place into a friends name. 

Fundraising Target: Minimum of £500 per person

About the Skydive and Fundraising Targets

You will jump in tandem with a fully qualified British Parachute Association instructor, from a height of 11,000 feet reaching speeds of approximately 120mph.

Each participant must reach the £500 minimum sponsorship target before 1st July 2015 to be allowed to take part in the Skydive.

The Skydive costs £230 (which will be deducted from your fundraising target).

As an optional extra, you can also have your amazing experience videoed, with one of Black Knights’ specialist camerapersons, who will follow and record your jump from walking to the plane, freefalling and landing before editing it to music, so you can show all your friends and family. The cost for this is £120 to be incurred by the individual participant and paid on the day.

How to Book:

Register and pay your £50 registration fee here.

Please read the terms and conditions below before registering.

Once you have registered you will receive an email with all the details of the SkyDive and how to set your page up.

How to Fundraise?

PLEASE FUNDRAISE via JUSTGIVING.COM, and set your fundraising target for a minimum of £500. See our handy JustGiving guide here.

Fundraising as a company

If you wish to take part and fundraise as a company, the fundraising target will be for the equivalent of £500 per person. For example if you have 10 staff taking part your fundraising target for your company will be £5,000

What happens if you do not reach the £500 fundraising target?

If you have not raised the £500 in sponsorship but still wish to take part in the SkyDive you will have to pay the balance to bring your target to £500, by effectively making a donation to yourself.

If this option is not feasible, you will not be permitted to take part. It is your responsibility to contact all you sponsors to explain the situation and ask if they want a refund.

For those people who have sponsored you via and want a refund, we will require the donor reference number, donor name and donor email address.

Please send this information to and we will advise justgiving to pay the refund amount.


The minimum age for parachuting is 16 years old.

Aged 16 or 17? Bring your parent/s or guardian on the day or call us for a declaration form. You need to bring a form of ID with you to confirm your age if under 18.

Aged 18 to 39? You will self-declare you are fit on the day of your jump.

Aged 40 or over, or have a medical condition? 

Download form 115 (Tandem Student Declaration of Fitness) and take it to your doctor to get it signed and stamped. You will need to bring this with you on the day along with the BKPC Tandem Registration Form.

Weight Limits: Maximum of 15 Stone for Men and 13 Stone approx for Women (BMI and fitness taken into account).