The inaugural Forever Manchester Football Tournament is almost upon us and we know many of you have been very eager to see what other companies you will be coming up against on Friday or will be watching play from afar. So without further ado…

Group 1 on Pitch 1

MRJ (@mrjrec)
Digital Next (@DigitalNextHQ)
Oscar (@OscarRecruit)
Luxson (@Luxson)
Ward Hadaway (@WardHadaway)

Group 2 on Pitch 2

Midshire (@Midshire)
Bennett Verby (@BennettVerby)
Fatsoma (@Fatsoma)
Kyocera (@Kyoceraduk)
I-Com (@I_Com)

Group 3 on Pitch 3

Shaping Cloud (@ShapingCloud)
Beever abd Struthers (@BeeverStruthers)
Tunafish (@TunafishMedia)
Gekko (@WeAreGekko)
Pixel Kicks (@Pixel_Kicks)

The tournament will pan out as follows:

Time Group 1     Group 2     Group 3    
18:00 MRJ v Digital Next Midshire North v Bennett Verby Shaping Cloud v Beever & Struthers
18:12 Oscar v Luxson Fatsoma v Kyocera Tunafish v Gekko
18:24 Ward Hadaway v MRJ I-Com v Midshire North Pixel Kicks v Shaping Cloud
18:36 Digital Next v Oscar Bennett Verby v Fatsoma Beever & Struthers v Tunafish
18:48 Luxson v Ward Hadaway Kyocera v I-Com Gekko v Pixel Kicks
19:00 MRJ v Oscar Midshire North v Fatsoma Shaping Cloud v Tunafish
19:12 Digital Next v Luxson Bennett Verby v Kyocera Beever & Struthers v Gekko
19:24 Ward Hadaway v Oscar I-Com v Fatsoma Pixel Kicks v Tunafish
19:36 MRJ v Luxson Midshire v Kyocera Shaping Cloud v Gekko
19:48 Digital Next v Ward Hadaway Bennett Verby v I-Com Beever & Struthers v Pixel Kicks
  Semi Final 1     Semi Final 2          
20:20 Winner G1 v Winner G2 Winner G3 v Best Runner Up      
20:40 Winner SF1 v Winner SF2            

Best of luck to all of our teams, and a massive thank you to Ambassador Will Jarvis who has put together what is set to be a great event.

See you on the pitch!