Caketober is a month-long excuse to indulge in all things cakey while raising money for Forever Manchester.

So while Mary Berry’s testing soggy bottoms on BBC One every Wednesday at 8pm, why not get inspired and bake for Greater Manchester? Don’t worry – we won’t be checking to see how soggy your bottom is, we’re just all about the eating.

We’ve also decided that, since it’s Caketober, it’ll be sin-free when you eat cakes. Not one guilty calorie will be consumed throughout the month of October, so we hereby give permission to put down the kale smoothie, ditch the cabbage soup and quinoa, pick up a whisk and get baking to raise funds for community groups across Greater Manchester.

Juice Plus won’t be required, as you’ll have eaten so much Victoria Sponge cake that thanks to the delicious jam layer, there’ll be no berries left to consume.

As well as eating all of the cake, Caketober gives you a great excuse to don your best fancy dress outfit to get filled with cream and jam.

If you aren’t familiar with what Caketober is, it’s a month-long initiative where we encourage our Corporate Partners, community groups, individual supporters and everyone else to have their very own bake off and sell cakes to raise money for Forever Manchester.

Ready to get your bake on?

Head to and sign up your group. On there you’ll find some great Mancunian recipes, more information on Caketober and you’ll be able to sign up.