Tim is half of the radio bromance, Tim and Producer Jim who hosted the XFM Breakfast Show for nearly 5 years.

The pair will be compering our Birthday Bash on Friday 5th February at The Palace Hotel.

We asked Tim what it meant to compere our Birthday Bash and a few more questions too. Take a look…

Forever Manchester: What does Manchester mean to you? 

Tim: Manchester music was the soundtrack to my childhood. Now, it’s ‘home’ and I can’t imagine ever leaving.

FM: What do you love about Manchester? 

T: It’s a creative, exciting place to live, where people try things, don’t fear failure, and help each other make things happen.

FM: What are you most looking forward to about the Birthday Bash?

T: Helping shine a light on people and organisations doing amazing things…without ever asking for thanks. Plus…I’m looking forward to the moment my “official” duties are over and I can start making sure I am “fully hydrated” 😉

FM: How’s life after XFM going?

T: I loved doing the Breakfast Show, it was a dream job. I will admit I don’t miss the 4:30am alarm though! Despite having a face for radio somehow I’ve managed to get a job on the telly on BT Sport working on the rugby, which has been ace.

FM: How many events have you compered previously? 

T: I’m the announcer at Man City, hosted music events all over…but hardly anything like this really, so be nice to us.

FM: What’s your favourite Manchester memory?

T: Introducing ‘James’ when they played a tiny acoustic gig at the XFM offices for 30 or so listeners. They’re my favourite all time band and I grew up on their tunes a hundred miles from Manchester…and yet there I was! It was surreal.

FM: Captain Manchester will be at our Birthday Bash…if you were a superhero what would your super powers be?

T: Teleportation – think how amazing it’d be not to have to bother with the ball-ache of airports. Otherwise, I’d be ‘Exact Change Man’ – always having the exact amount of money for what I needed, a hero to all incompetent cashiers and other people in the queue behind me.