In August 2014 we announced that one of the North West’s leading business figures, Phil Jones, Managing Director of Brother had been appointed President of Forever Manchester. Since then Phil has been extremely busy promoting our charity.

In his own words, Phil explains what function the President fulfills?


“In short it is to represent the great work that Forever Manchester does to the business community here in Greater Manchester, by raising its profile and representing its excellent work to this audience.

“The key outcome of the effort is to get more businesses investing resources into the foundation via our Manchester Million, Themed and Named Funds.

More investors =more projects funded = stronger communities = job done.

“In my first couple of months I’ve visited many of the projects that Forever Manchester funds, met Ambassadors, Community Builders and the people who make the charity tick in the background.

“In addition, I’ve chaired a round table with HR directors to better understand how we can engage with them. I only have three words in summary of these visits and conversations – passion, impact and potential.

In Forever Manchester’s 25th year, it’s vital that we continue to raise funds to continue the work being done in backing people who are prepared to be the difference in their communities.

I saw a line the other day that struck me I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that, then I realised I am somebody” – be the difference, back us and we’ll back them.”