Here’s what our President, Managing Director of Brother UK had to say in his column in our fanzine this month…

“Thinking back to 2014 and our RESET event, an important principle identified the need for business to connect the dots between their workforce and local community.

As buyers make informed and educated choices about who they want to do business with, issues such as social responsibility are coming into the spotlight.

It’s not exclusively about your environmental policy, it goes beyond that to the purpose of your entire organisation and what you stand for.

Your people, your customers and your local community are raising their expectations about what being a responsible organisation means, beyond the hygiene factors of environmental responsibility. There is a short cut to all of this and it involves this charity.

Get Engaged

You can tap into the existing community work we are delivering by becoming one of our Manchester Million members, committing to donate £1,000 per annum, which will be directly invested back into community projects.  This gives you immediate credentials, a good news story to share with your customers and people.

There are 93,575 business in Greater Manchester of which 18,415 (20%) have more than 10 employees or more.  If you are one of those and you want to deploy something more specifically against a cause or locality that you feel passionate about, talk to us.

In the evolving world of responsibility, business can view its place of operation as a potential talent pool for the future, a place where it can improve communities for its existing workforce whilst significantly improving its reputation.”

If you are a business interested in supporting us please visit our Corporate Partnerships page to see what is available to you. Alternatively you can contact Jean Mills on or call 0161 214 0940.