Forever Manchester President and Managing Director of Brother UK, Phil Jones has a monthly column in our Forever Now fanzine.

This month, Phil reflects on the Vice Presidents roles, which were applied for throughout April…

Last month Forever Manchester kicked off its search for Vice-Presidents to join us in raising our profile in two of the most high profile and active areas of the Greater Manchester business scene – the creative industries and professional services industries.

Much like my own role as President at Forever Manchester, these are challenging and exciting opportunities…and not for the feint hearted; particularly as they are unpaid voluntary positions.

For the right person though this will be an amazing and rewarding experience giving you a unique chance to see your efforts change the lives of people who live in Greater Manchester.

Thinking back as to why I got involved it was primarily for these reasons: –

  • Forever Manchester funds multiple causes in every region of Greater Manchester. Not a single cause, but across the entire spectrum of things which grow the potential for other people. One door to knock on, multiple ways to impact. Every single person in every one of the ten local authorities are within their catchment area.
  • Forever Manchester is about funding people who are doing great things for others and building stronger communities as a result, something I personally care about. These people are the ones that stand up, they don’t stand and stare, they get on with it and take action, more of this needs to happen if communities are to be strong in the future.
  • Forever Manchester looks to deliver quickly, making everything simple for applicants, with great reporting on the back of it. So many people are put off applying for help because procedures are complicated and I liked the fact that they made it easy for people to get started with their ideas. It’s about enabling, not giving.

Having seen first hand the impact the charity makes, neighbourhoods now growing their own food, lonely people making new friends, young people coming together to do good things as just some examples, I can’t tell you how good it makes you feel to know that you are part of the Forever Manchester story.

Until next time…