Odd Theatre CIC has proudly worked with over 60,000 people over the last 10 years in South Manchester.

The organisation is a market leader in issue and evidence based arts work within criminal justice and community settings.

The group’s latest project was in partnership with Young Lives, who provides youth opportunities to young people in the local area.

The project explored self-worth and womanhood through arts focussed workshops and creatively explored the following themes:

  • Women and relationships
  • Women and roles
  • Women and positive feelings/self-worth
  • Women and wellbeing

The project ran for eight weeks delivering sessions and performances. Within these sessions drama and arts based activities and exercises were used to tackle, raise awareness of and explore child sexual exploitations, grooming, positive relationships, teenage pressures and self-esteem.

The group did this by speaking about their own personal experiences, which were then taken to create short improvisations. By creating these improvisations, the young people were able to recreate past experiences and have help with how to tackle situations if they were to happen again in real life.

The young people really engaged with the whole project and as a group they were full of insecurities about their appearance and often spoke of how cathartic they found it to share their feelings.

Many of the young people in the group had witnessed domestic violence via family members and as a group, the project spent a lot of time discussing how relationships can fall apart. The young people really engaged with this type of discussion based work and spoke of how it had helped them process the pain they had.

By sharing their experiences and role playing ways around it, Odd Theatre made a huge difference to group members and has great case stories highlighting the huge changes to individuals’ self-confidence and self-esteem. Although this case studies are far too complex for us to comment on on our website, the courage of these young people to come forward and get help as well as help each other can only be commended.

Odd Theatre, also referred to as Odd Arts was recently nominated for a Spirit of Manchester Award in 2014. Watch the video below to hear Director Rebecca speaking about the incredible work the group does:

Groups like this are making a huge difference locally to empower young women across Greater Manchester. If you’d like to help more groups like this one this International Women’s Day DONATE TODAY to make a real difference to people in your area.