Approximately 200 people engaged with their local community and created new friendships while learning new skills during our latest Mission Possible project.

Mission Possible was created by our Head of Community Building, Gary Loftus. It is a series of fun Community Building assignments connecting people globally.

The latest Mission Possible project was ‘Yarn Bombing’, which started in April with a call to action for knitters and crotcheters. At this point, it was kept a secret as to why we had asked for these particular skill sets, which created a lot of curiosity and brought a lot of people together.

The aim of Yarn Bombing was to get people to crochet and knit different decorations and squares in order to brighten up and decorate Trafford, and create a huge community picnic blanket in Oldham.

This project has shown what positive effect our Community Builders have on their area. By using their Asset Based Community Development approach, they were able to connect members of the community with the skills to help other people who didn’t necessarily know to knit or crochet previously.

Two Cash4Graft awardees also helped the project to blossom. Knit and Knatter in Alt held a weekly meeting, helping people in the community to learn the relevant skills to get involved with Mission Possible. In Stretford, the weekly community BBQ at Victoria Park, funded by a Cash4Graft award was the perfect spot to show off the yarn bombing, with people knitting enough bunting and decor to adorn the park, Barkway Road and local pub, The Sip Club. This event saw over 100 people come together at Victoria Park.

In Alt, the work was shown off during an Ideas Picnic hosted by Forever Manchester on the Orchard.

The project in Alt asked for people to create squares to make a huge picnic blanket for the community to sit on. These squares came to us from as far as America, and bunting for Stretford’s Yarn Bombing campaign came from Newcastle and Wales; showing that the Mission Possible projects have well and truly gone global.

In Stretford, the project was affectionately dubbed “the worst kept secret in Trafford”, with a Facebook group of over 114 members talking about it and getting excited.

A knitter from Stretford said: “I have really enjoyed the Yarn Bombing and all it has entailed including the build-up get togethers and meeting different people. Everyone worked so hard on the day and new people got involved, which made it very rewarding.”