Hard Rock Cafe and The Printworks’ bees have been busy again and Thursday 22nd Oct was the launch of the delicious #LiveFromTheHive Honey.

The bees are situated on top of The Printworks, in the much-celebrated rooftop eco garden.  Originally launched by Manchester legend Bez from The Happy Mondays as part of his campaign to get bees back into the city centre. The rooftop garden now hosts four hives – housing approximately 320,000 bees in total.

Made by the city’s hard-working honey bees, the #LiveFromTheHive honey will be available to buy from Hard Rock Cafe Manchester after their launch this evening, which you can still purchase tickets for.

All monies raised from the sales will once again come to Forever Manchester and The Booth Centre.

Last year the honey raised a whopping £700 for Forever Manchester.

Jar number 25 was also kindly donated to us as an auction prize for our 25th birthday celebration.

This year a fantastic 213 jars have been produced by the honey bees, almost doubling the yield from last year’s harvest. Those wishing to get their hands on a jar of delicious #LiveFromTheHive honey should make sure they head down to Hard Rock Cafe in The Printworks, but be quick as half of the stock has already been sold!

To place your order, please contact Forever Manchester Ambassador Emma Livingstone at the Hard Rock Cafe Manchester on 0161 831 6700.

The honey is available from Hard Rock Cafe for just £10 a jar.

2014 heralded the first yield of honey, which was graded ‘exceptional’ by the Manchester District Beekeepers Association. Local artist,‘Mancsy’ was also brought on board to design the labels for the limited edition honey. He signed and numbered 30 jars that went on to be sold for as much as £75 each to keen collectors. This year’s jars will use the same label design, but will feature black lids.

To celebrate 15 years of The Printworks and Hard Rock Cafe Manchester creating a buzz in the city, jar number 15 has been signed by Mancsy and will be sold in a special auction, designed to raise even more funds for Forever Manchester and The Booth Centre.

Centre Director of The Printworks and Forever Manchester Ambassador, Fred Booth, says: “The second honey harvest is the biggest batch yet and has created a real buzz at The Printworks. We are proud to be raising even more money for two outstanding Manchester charities and we’re sure that the jars of honey will go on to become collectors items yet again – we have already taken pre-orders for 99 of the 213 jars.

“The rooftop garden and its produce has gone from strength to strength and we are sure that its success will continue for many years to come.”

Forever Manchester Ambassador Emma Livingstone, Sales and Marketing Manager at Hard Rock Cafe Manchester adds: “After all the hard work everyone has put into looking after the bees over the past twelve months, we are delighted that the honey harvest has gone so well. We hope that the hives continue to thrive and that we can keep using the honey to help local charities.”

The bee keeping is very much a hands-on affair with Fred Booth, along with Emma Livingstone, and Hard Rock Cafe Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator, Jack Barton – all qualified Apiarists – tending to the bees on a weekly basis and attending evening sessions and workshops with the Manchester District Beekeepers Association. Cannon Adrian Rhodes, a fully qualified Bee Keeper who manages the hives on the roof of Manchester Cathedral assists on a weekly and on-call basis.

In addition to the hives, the rooftop eco garden boasts a chicken coop housing six chickens, a wild flower meadow, an orchard, a herb garden and the most recent addition, the Beetle Hotel – a bespoke insect biome installation that provides shelter and habitat for around 100 common ground beetles.

To place your order, please contact Emma Livingstone and Jack Barton at the Hard Rock Cafe Manchester on 0161 831 6700.