According to experts at Oxford Economics, Manchester is set to outperform Berlin, Tokyo and Paris for job growth over the next five years after performing “incredibly well” over the last five years.

A report called ‘Beyond the City’ put employment growth at 3.8 per cent in Manchester between 2015-2020, outpacing some of the world’s leading capital cities.

Since 2010, Manchester has seen an overall growth in employment of 68,154, which makes it the seventh best employment hotspot in the UK.

Economists say the driver of this growth has been the professional services industry, which will continue to grow with 7,800 new jobs set for the city by 2020.

This makes Manchester one of the top ten fastest growing places for jobs in law, finance, management consultancy and advertising outside London.

We’ve been saying Manchester’s the place to be for years!

Max Steinberg, Chair of the International Festival for Business, said: “This study indicates that the renaissance of the north is real, creating employment, particularly in the knowledge sector.

“What’s particularly impressive is that Manchester is expected to outperform world class cities like Berlin and Paris for employment growth over the next five years.

“Too few people hear about the growing dynamism of the north and it’s time people gave it more recognition.”

Forever Manchester funds and supports a wide variety of causes and one of these is helping people get into employment. With the ongoing growth of Greater Manchester its inhabitants are becoming more influential and ambitious. With this, community groups are forming to help people in their area to gain new skills that hopefully lead to employment.

One of these groups is Xplode Magazine, based in Bolton.

Xplode magazine offer an opportunity for young people within Bolton and Manchester to gain volunteer experience, writing and editing experience and gain confidence. The group wish to reverse the negative stereotype of young people and nurture the next generation.

Xplode Magazine is run entirely by young, local people with the desire to create opportunities for other young people in the area. Through a focus group they found that due to Xplode being able to offer young people a free voluntary role, those involved were happier, more confident and motivated.

Each edition of the magazine covers a social issue of interest to young people. Articles have included Mental Health, Obesity, Body Image, Money Management, Volunteering, Employment Skills, Bullying and Healthy Cooking. To get young people to pick up the magazine they strike the balance between ‘generic’ entertainment content and social issues.

With Xplode’s project, young people who love writing, designing and illustrating are be able to get involved while making a positive difference to their local area. They have created powerful multi-sector partnerships with large organisations on a local level to increase job prospects through other training sessions with businesses such as Asda, Dominos Pizza and Cineworld. These training sessions offer young people the chance to gain skills in a real business environment and at the end, their job prospects will have increased.

The magazine has 13,128 readers per quarter. Through Xplode’s work, young people in Bolton now have more of a voice – they have interviewed the CEO of Bolton Council on issues that surround young people.

This project gives young people vital life experiences, work experience and helps them to develop new skills or improve skills they already have. Funding from Forever Manchester has helped the magazine to continue, thus helping more young people gain job prospects in the future.

With Manchester and Greater Manchester constantly on the up, jobs get very competitive and experience and skills like those learned at Xplode Magazine help young people of today have a brighter tomorrow.

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