Mad Theatre Company’s latest production at The Met, Bury was raising funds for Forever Manchester.

The theatre company performed Gin and Chronic Arthritis over two days on 24th and 25th June. For every ticket sold for the performance, MaD Theatre kindly donated £1, which has raised £186 in total.

A scene from Gin and Chronic Arthritis was performed by MaD at our 25th Birthday and was a huge hit. The company has received funding from Forever Manchester on multiple occasions and are strong supporters of ours.

If you weren’t at our 25th Birthday, here’s a little about what Gin and Chronic Arthritis is all about…

Love is in the air in the Pickles household. Mariah Pickles loves her boyfriend Jarvis, they are expecting their first child, Baby Ga Ga. Mariah’s Mam loves her Bobby, but he’s inside for looting and her brother Carlton is looking for love on the internet. Mariah’s Nanna however has lots of loves. One night, one of her fancy men, wheelchair Barry takes her on a date to a psychic supper where she’s contacted by a lover from long ago. Nanna is over the moon but Barry is Jealous of the fella from the other side.

Of the donation, Rob Lees, founder of Mad Theatre Company said: “We wanted to show our gratitude for letting us showcase the play at Forever Manchester’s 25th birthday by donating £1 from each ticket we sell. It was a huge privilege to be part of Forever Manchester’s 25th Birthday.”

Massive thanks goes to Rob and his team for putting on two great performances and raising funds for Forever Manchester.

If you’d like to raise funds like this for Forever Manchester, please contact