Our Community Builder, Lisa Brown has been out and about in Oldham meeting the good folk of St Mary’s, Barker Street, Coldhurst, Burnley Street and Egerton Street.

Lisa has worked in this area of Oldham for 10 years and through her extensive knowledge of the area and her work with Forever Manchester, she’s been able to assist a local resident in gaining employment.

Local resident Jason Baleshra attended one of the events that Lisa was hosting in Oldham. Jason was greeted with a lovely free hot plate of food, and sat and had a chat with Lisa. Lisa found that he was fairly new to the area and was actively looking for employment. After a further chat, we realised that he had brilliant skills, which could be utilised by businesses in the area. These areas of Oldham are currently under extensive reconstruction, and Jason’s skills lie within the building trade, which was ideal to help the work the area is undergoing.

As Lisa has worked in this area for such a long period of time, with the powerful connections she has she was able to put Jason in touch with various building contractors in the area for
him to contact with her recommendation. Jason was spurred on and encouraged to pursue the contacts he was given and is now working on a new build site in Shaw via an agency.

Jason’s wellbeing and self-esteem will now see a great change, and it is great to see that our Community Builders can have such a great impact on individuals in the areas in which they are working.

Jason said of his meeting with Lisa Brown: “The help Lisa gave me spurred me on to actively seek employment and it was much appreciated”.

We have been working closely with First Choice Homes in the Oldham area, who have commissioned our work to help these areas go from disconnected to thriving. Positive stories like this are what makes the work worthwhile, and really show the power of connections and communication with local residents.

Jason’s quick chat with Lisa effectively changed his life, and we hope to do more of these over the coming months.

To keep up to date with Lisa’s whereabouts, follow her on Twitter @lisaforevermanc.