Leicester NHS visited our Community Building team in the hope of implementing our ABCD approach.

Leicester NHS have had an interest in our Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach for some time now, and first contacted Gary Loftus, our Head of Community Building 18 months ago.

After two trips to Leicester, consisting of two two-day workshops about the ABCD approach, employees of Leicester NHS came up to visit us and see what work our Community Builders had done in the Greater Manchester area.

Through our relationship with them, Leicester NHS have recently launched our Cash4Graft ideology for small grants. Cash4Graft gives small groups hoping to make a difference in their community a grant of £250 to get their project off the ground, or fund extra supplies for their group and 80% of our awardees have become self-sustaining.

On their trip, the NHS employees visited Cash4Graft projects in Oldham and were able to see the influence that our Community Builders had made on the local community using the ABCD approach.

Successful Cash4Graft groups and projects such as the Jim Jam Girls, Knitter Natter Club and organisers of Moorside Music Festival were able to meet with the team from Leicester and show them first-hand how much of an impact their Cash4Graft award had made in bringing their ideas to life.

First Choice Homes were also present on the day. First Choice Homes have been a supporter of ours in the Oldham area for a few years now and have spoken very positively of the work we have done with local communities. They have also invested in our ABCD workshops with Gary Loftus on a number of occasions, allowing their staff to understand how Forever Manchester is making a difference in the local area.

If you’re interested in learning more about our ABCD approach, there is a Introduction to Asset Based Community Development one day workshop coming up on 12th November. To learn more about this contact marketing@forevermanchester.com.