As the Premier League returns this weekend we’re looking at the difference football can make in our communities.

Bolton Wanderers Disability Football Club is an FA Charter Standard Football Club that provides weekly football coaching sessions to people in Bolton who have disabilities or impairments.

The club has a deaf team, three teams helping children of different ages with various disabilities, including Cerebral Palsy, a team for those suffering with mental health issues, a girls’ disability football club and two wheelchair football clubs.

Julian is 31-years-old. He loves everything about football, especially Bolton Wanderers Football Club, and hasn’t missed a single home game in years.

Being part of the Bolton Wanderers Disability Football Club team is special for Julian, who has learning difficulties.

“I love the feeling of being part of a team and all the friendships I’ve made – it’s helped me become such a confident man.”

Jayne Jackson volunteers at the club: “I love to see how much joy people with disabilities get from being involved in sport and football and how it helps them with physical aspects such as balance and coordination, but also social aspects such as communication and relationships.

“I get great satisfaction from seeing people grow in confidence, just like Julian has, from the moment they start attending club sessions. I feel proud of the achievements of everyone involved in the club.”

We asked Julian what the best thing about the club is, he said: “Playing football. I love it – especially when we win, but even when we lose.”

Groups like this are a great lifeline for members of the community who can often feel isolated and as though they can’t join in in activities like football and other sports.

Forever Manchester is proud to support Bolton Wanderers Disability Football Club and other clubs like it.

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