Kat was born and raised in Poland, although you wouldn’t be able to tell from her accent, it’s not that obvious. First arriving in Manchester in 2005 for a summer break from university, Kat instantly fell in love with the city and found it really difficult to leave. She came back in 2006, initially only for summer again, but decided to stay for a year instead and 2016 marks her tenth anniversary in Manchester. Kat considers herself to be a fully fledged Mancunian now.

Kat started working at Manchester landmark The Palace Hotel as their Conference and Events Assitant, from this she realised that this was the career for her, moving up the ladder over the years until eventually using her knowledge in event management to take the leap into creating her own business, Giraffe Event Solutions.

Kat began working with Forever Manchester at their first Birthday Bash back in 2015 and has been a firm fixture since, helping with finding suitable venues to general advice.

What Kat loves most about Manchester is the openness and friendliness of Mancunians.