Cash4Graft awardees, the Jim Jam Girls have secured another deal to sell their jams in local Oldham cafe, ‘Cafe Naked Bean’.

The cafe is going to sell the jams with no mark-up cost, and also use the Jim Jam Girls’ jams in their cakes and teas.

The Jim Jam Girls have been making jam for a year following a £250 grant from Forever Manchester. They use produce from their community orchard, also funded by us, to make the jam at their weekly sessions, which are open to all local residents. Jam making was one of the community assets discovered during one of our ‘Ideas Works’ sessions in the area.

This group is a great example of our Cash4Graft award, which helped to get them off the ground. They are now among the 80% of successful groups that have become self-sustaining after a £250 reward from us.

Our senior Community Builder in the area, Helen Smith said: “It’s great to see what the Jim Jam Girls have done. It’s one of the best things to have happened to Alt in the time we’ve been working in the area.”

Owner of the Café, Stuart Cunniffe, heard about the jam making group through a customer after a conversation about local produce. He made contact with the ladies, part of the Alt Community Challenge Team, tasted the jam and immediately made an order.

Stuart said: “It’s really important to me to use local produce where I can. What could be more local than jam made in Oldham from fruit grown in Oldham? The jam these ladies make is packed full of quality fruit, it’s a premium product with no additives and I’m sure it will sell well and be enjoyed in the cream teas.”

Steph Wilde from Alt Community Challenge Team said: “We started out making the jam as a hobby really, a fun thing to do and for the local residents to get together. People love it and word has got round. We are really proud that our jam is now for sale in Oldham.”

Anyone wishing to join the jam making group in Alt, or donate surplus fruit, or help out with the raised beds at the Naked Bean can contact Steph by email

Our Cash4Graft award is currently available in Stretford and Trafford. If you’re interested, please contact Helen (Oldham) or James (Stretford) on