Nick Massey, CEO at Forever Manchester gives you something to think about over Christmas.

“It’s Christmas and my mind, as it often does at this time of year, strays back to James Stewart’s performance in the 1947 film ‘Its A Wonderful Life’, schmaltzy, cheesy and sentimental… undoubtedly my favourite Christmas movie of all time.


“But you know what? It’s not just a feel good film… it’s a lot more than that too. It’s about materialism and moral education and about citizenship and about recognising the real assets, talents, skills and gifts life has to offer us.

“The annual promotion of It’s a Wonderful Life is probably one of the most recognizable signs that the festive season is upon us. Set on Christmas Eve in a post-World War II small American town, the film tells the story of the friendly and selfless George Bailey who suffers scandal and ruin not of his own making only to be saved in the final act with a little help from God, family, and friends.

“Whilst on one level, it challenges the deceptive warm glow of Christmas-time consumerism, it’s also about moral inconsistencies and dilemmas, it’s about taking responsibility and acting compassionately and recognising that it’s through these things that true happiness is achieved and that its these things that ultimately make life fulfilling and well…wonderful.

“The film reminds me of what really matters in my life and just how easy it is to get distracted. It makes me think just how easily we all get wrapped up in the strategy and tactics and objectives and the ‘what’ of everything! What will we be remembered for? What’s next? What outcomes are we expecting? What does success look like?

“Maybe success in the end will be less about the ‘what’ and more about the ‘who’. More about who you were as you pursued your goals. Just maybe success will be about looking back on your life and being able to say, “I had empathy, I cared, I was kind, I lived in my community. I had real relationships and real partnerships. I tried to listen, respect, understand, and make a difference.’’

“As Clarence Odbody (Angel 2nd Class) says “Each man’s life touches so many other lives, and when he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?”

Merry Christmas and a Peaceful 2015 and of course…..
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P.S. It’s A Wonderful Life is on MORE4 on 24th December at 16:10