At our Birthday Bash on Friday 5th February at the Palace Hotel, the Miners Community Arts and Music Centre deservedly picked up the gong for Inspirational Community Group.

Forever Manchester would like to say a huge congratulations to Louis and his large team of volunteers on a well deserved win.

The award came as a massive surprise to Louis and Paula, who co-runs the centre alongside Louis. Louis Beckett said: “We thought we were just coming to enjoy the night, have a few drinks and a bit of food. Forever Manchester has been fantastic. They’ve given us bits of funding for projects and supported our work brilliantly. Starting the project was such a big thing but it was great to have all of the community involved. They own it, it’s now theirs. With it being such an old building and with its history it was such a shame to let it go so when we got the keys we didn’t hesitate on cracking on. The Centre has brought the community together, they now have somewhere to meet and enjoy and it’s great to see people coming together and creating a real buzz in Moston.”

The award was kindly sponsored by CDL and presented by Head of Human Resources, Frank Robinson who said: “The group was well deserving of the award and I was proud to present it to them. We had a great time celebrating with Forever Manchester at their Birthday Bash and want to thank them for a fantastic event.”

The Miners Community Arts and Music Centre (MCAMC) started life as a miner’s workshop before developing into a Working Men’s Club which was neglected on an estate in North Manchester. MCAMC was established in 2011 and is ran solely by the community of Moston on a voluntary basis.

The multi-functional building was renovated by the local community. People from Moston shared their skills and together began renovating the space. Residents with skills such as building, decorating, painting, cooking, cleaning and more all came together to create what is now a sought after community hub in the heart of Moston.

Over the last 3 years the residents of the area have totally refurbished three quarters of the building which was, in their words “an eyesore”.

MCAMC’s aim is to provide a local multi-functional building that will bring the local community together for all aspects of socialising activities and a safe haven for younger people. There is space for local bands to rehearse and local artists to exhibit their work as well as a community cafe.

All of these uses bring a huge variety of people together, whether it’s the local builders having their morning brew, a local band with big dreams or youngsters who are at a loose end in the school holidays or weekends it has something for everyone.

The centre is currently reaching its aims, with loads of local residents using the community lead building, including groups for people with mental health issues, drama groups and cabaret groups using the facilities. Functions held at the centre have included; events for residents and families, Halloween parties, Christmas pantomimes, comedy nights, free cinema nights and more.
The centre also has an excellent 70-seater cinema for community use.

The cinema was built by more than 60 volunteers over 12 weeks in 2012, with materials donated by organisations and businesses in the North West. The space features authentic cinema seating, blu-ray and digital playback, and a cinema-style sound system, as well as a licensed bar.

Young people are encouraged to bring their DVDs to the 70-seater cinema to share with friends and local residents thanks to a license that the centre holds, which provides young people in the area with a great source of entertainment for free in the school holidays.

The cinema can be used for film screenings, theatre shows, conference events and parties.

This once neglected building is now an excellent space for the community use.

If you haven’t yet seen it, take a look at the highlights of the night in the video below: