Our Impact Reports have a brand new look, have you seen them yet?

Reviewing our work over the last 25 years, the report includes two case studies from each of the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester as well as five case studies on groups who support communities across Greater Manchester, including Well Arty, The Heroes Project and more.

The report also celebrates our achievements over the last 25 years, including a great visual timeline across two double pages, which you may have seen on show at our 25th Birthday event.

Other achievements include the amount we have awarded over the last 25 years, the awards we have been recognised with and there is also an insight into our changes to grant giving.

Words from both Chief Exec, Nick Massey and President and MD of Brother UK, Phil Jones are included in the report.

If you didn’t receive our impact report and wish to, then please email mel@forevermanchester.com to be included in our second batch to be sent out at the end of this week.