November is often the time of year when companies start their planning for the next calendar year and, for us at Forever Manchester, we recognise that it’s the time companies start to think about which charity to support during the forthcoming year.

A company may choose a particular cause or have a staff vote; they may even invite a few charities in to do a pitch – laying the kindle and sparking an interest. Eventually a charity is chosen. From then on, it’s about lighting a fire of interest within the company to encourage and motivate staff into in participating in fundraising activities and getting involved in events throughout the year.

To kindle that flame of interest, Forever Manchester has a huge amount of activities and events that can stimulate action, creativity, determination and passion in people; encouraging them to join in and, importantly, enjoy, their fundraising throughout the year whether their interest is sport, social or creative.

Jodi Hamilton, Head of Marketing at One Advice Group was recently a guest on our monthly radio show speaking about One Advice’s relationship with Forever Manchester and said: “With Forever Manchester’s events it’s really easy for us to fundraise as a company.”

Companies participate in our events for different reasons, for some it is to simply help to raise money, for others it is an innovative model for team building and employee engagement; helping with communication, individual, personal and team development, confidence building and networking. More importantly it helps to support grassroots community groups where you and your colleagues live and work; making it more meaningful and real.

So light that fire and contact us and we can send you a list of the exciting and fantastic mix of events you can get involved with during the coming year and make a real difference.

To contact Jean or Ged email or or call 01612140940.

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