Building a social media strategy is a great idea to consider when looking to fundraise for your favourite charity.

In my previous blog, I went in to detail on outlining approaches to your social media campaign and the benefits that it can have on your fundraising.

A question you must ask yourself when seeking out donors and sponsors is – who might care about my fundraiser? This doesn’t always align with who might donate to your cause, but people who care are a great way to reach out to a wider audience.

There are certain people within your community who are known as ‘influencers’. These people, also known as ‘thought leaders’, usually have a relatively large following online and can help you significantly raise awareness of your campaign, if you contact them in the right way.

So how do you identify an influencer?

There may be a couple of people that spring to mind as they’re usually very active online, but there can be some within your community that you haven’t had a chance to talk to yet. Identifying unknown influencers can sometimes be a lengthy task, and takes a little bit of detective work to find an end result.

The general idea around finding them is analysing what your community is talking about, and who they’re talking to. For example:

Spend an hour a day watching your Twitter feed, you might start to notice different people mentioning the same person a few times – this is an initial indication of someone who has a good following online. You may also start to see that their tweets are being retweeted often.

After you’ve identified them, you’ll need to filter them down in to who might be willing to share your cause with their followers. Take a look at their tweets and see what they’re talking about – if they’re related, then target them!

How do you ask for help?

The chances are if you’ve boiled your influencer list down to a small handful then you’ll have an easier time doing this.

The most important thing to consider, is don’t beg for help – you’re likely to be ignored. However sharing information about who you’re fundraising for and why will help you out a lot.

Try out a few of these tips and let me know how you get on by tweeting me @Dom_TAA, in my next blog we’ll cover a big topic – the etiquette to consider when asking for donations.

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